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Antique Maps of the World: 1520-1680
Antique Maps of the World: 1680-1898
Antique Celestial Charts and Illustrations
Extraordinary Cartographic Motifs
Antique Maps of the Continents and Regions
Welcome! Digital Wisdom Inc. invites you to explore its intriguing world of antique art maps. Explore a comprehensive five CD-ROM library of visual landscape images which encapsulate the discoveries of five centuries of scientific and artistic research encompassing antique maps, celestial charts and illustrations, cartographic motifs, and more.

The images take the user back to a time when "sea monsters populated the ocean waters", "the earth was at the center of the universe", the printed word was just beginning to make its impact, exquisite engraving technique flourished, and the industrial revolution was slowly evolving. One can reach the conclusion that the miracles and wonders yet to come will be more than matched by the beauty and craftsmanship of those of past eras. Each art image portrays a small time capsule, revealing how little some things have changed. Pictures were then, and are now, the best way to convey an idea or to tell a story (the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" was never more true than in the mapmaking industry).

With these stunning antique art maps, designers, artists, publishers, and communications professionals can use many of history's best visual communications to convey a message today. Digital Wisdom offers the finest selection of royalty-free historical illustration on CD-ROM, from the first printed atlas of the world to pioneering studies of human anatomy to lavishly illustrated constellation charts to early botanical classics.

All antique images have been meticulously drum-scanned, color-balanced, retouched and enhanced by artists intent upon preserving the extraordinary quality of the original works. Choose from one of 5 collections: Antique Maps of the World: 1520-1680; Antique Maps of the Word: 1680-1898; Antique Celestial Charts and Illustrations: 1680-1880; Extraordinary Cartographic Motifs; and Antique Maps of the Continents and Regions.

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